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10 Best bikes for long tours under 1.5 lakh

Have you ever seen a picture of a motorcyclist riding amidst the snow-covered mountains and craved to do the same? But then, thinking about already possessing a vehicle, the question of comfort, and extra investment in a mere craving, sounds kind of impractical. But, you only get to live once, right? So, having gone through a number of options ourselves (Currently owning a Bajaj Dominar 400cc), and understanding the hesitation of investing so much into a bike, but still wanting to recreate that picture in the mountains, we have made a list of very economical and yet efficient options for motorcycles, fit for long tours as well as a daily routine. So, now you can go fetch groceries from around the corner of the street, and also take that long trip on the same bike. Plus, we promise they are instagrammably beautiful.

1. Royal Enfield Bullet 350: A legend in the history of cruising bikes, RE Bullet, keeps others jostled out in the Indian market when it comes to touring. Very comfortable, resilient, well balanced, and versatile in its running ground are some key features that make it a top preference. This is a paragon of balance between power and mileage, delivering stability in its performance regardless of the weight imposed.

Price (₹) : 1.35 Lacs Engine : 346cc Maximum Power : 35 Kmpl

Mileage : 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 5 Speed Weight : 189 Kg

2. Yamaha FZS V3: Launched in 2019, the engine has blue-core technology that allows the rider to keep a speed of 40 kph in the top gear during traffic and lead up to 120 kph of top speed in the same gear when in the highway, aiding to the less stressful long rides. The built quality is meant for long term owners, with an additional torque and compression ratio in its latest model.

Price (₹) : 1.01 Lacs Engine : 149cc Mileage : 45 Kmpl Maximum Power : 12.4 PS @ 7250 rpm Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 6 Speed Weight : 132 kg

3. TVS Apache RTR 2004V: This is a value for money with 200cc, as other companies only offer 150cc in this budget. One key feature of this bike is the minimal vibration throughout the rev range. It comes with options of ABS, Fuel injection, and Pirelli tyres with a negligible additional cost. The headlights use an impressive pair of DRLs which look attractive as well as adds on to the safety during long rides in rough weather, along with the wind deflector that is much required when it comes to safety. The recent inclusion of a slipper clutch also makes riding in traffic easy.

Price (₹) : 0.93 to 1.10 Lacs Engine : 200cc Mileage : 35 KMPL Maximum Power : 20.5 PS @ 8500 rpm Top Speed : 130 Km/h Transmission : 5 Speed Weight : 153 kg

4. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200: This is a high performance-driven, naked-sport motorcycle, with a powerful 200cc engine that makes it stand out from its competitors in this segment. The latest model comes with an optional single-channel ABS loaded with a single-cylinder, four-valve, liquid-cooled, triple spark DTS-i-Engine. It comes with front hydraulic telescopic forks and a Nitrox gas-charged mono-shock rectangular swing-arm rear absorber. The posture is comfortable for both, the rider and the pillion.

Price (₹) : 1.05 to 1.09 Lacs Engine : 199.5cc Mileage : 36 kmpl Maximum Power : 24.5 PS at 9,750 RPM Top Speed : 140 Km/h Transmission : 6 Speed Weight : 154 kg

5. Hero Xpulse 200: This is hands down one of the most affordable adventure tourers that offer a comfortable riding posture both on-road and off-road. The tall and wide handlebar aids the ease of maneuver. Some segment-first features like the LED headlight and a fully digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity to display incoming call alerts and turn by turn navigation.

Price (₹) : 1.1 - 1.2 Lacs Engine : 199cc Mileage : 38 kmpl Maximum Power : 17.8 bhp 8,500 RPM Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 5 Speed Weight : 154 kg

6. KTM Duke 125: This is the most affordable KTM available in the Indian market, with a few cosmetic alterations from its elder sibling- Duke 200. It comes with exceptional handling capabilities with a lightweight trellis frame paired with upside-down forks and a mono-shock. Also, note that there is no change in the output with its BS6 version to answer the doubt of several motorcyclist friends. This still stands as one of the most powerful 125cc bikes with a liquid-cooled engine.

Price (₹) : 1.18 Lacs Engine : 125cc Mileage : 50 kmpl Maximum Power : 14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 6 Speed Weight : 130 kg

7. Yamaha MT-15: One key feature of this bike is a great balance and quicker steer in the city due to the signature Yamaha delta box frame. It also has a better output in terms of acceleration due to shorter gearing with a modified rear sprocket. The LED headlamps and two overhead DRLs are an addition to safety when it comes to riding in a dark.

Price (₹) : 1.36 lacs Engine : 155cc Mileage : 50 kmpl Maximum Power : 18.5 PS @ 10000 rpm Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 6 Speed Weight : 138 kg

8. Bajaj Pulsar 220F: This one is the most trusted bike in this segment, with amazing comfort given its moderate height, a well-balanced mileage for a 220cc engine providing 35-40 kmpl (Riders claim 45+ kmpl) and ease of availability of its spare parts all around the country. It comes fitted with powerful headlight of 55W of low bean projector and high beam carries 55W ellipsoidal lamp.

Price (₹) : 1.18 to 1.23 Lacs Engine : 220 cc Mileage : 36 kmpl

Maximum Power : 20.4 ps at 8,500 rpm Top Speed : 135 km/h Transmission : 5 Speed Weight : 160 kg

9. Bajaj Avenger 220: When it comes to the most powerful budget cruisers, this tops the list. The engine provides 40 kmpl of excellent mileage. Low seat makes it easy for beginners or those who tend to prefer a higher control with both feet on the ground, which in turn also makes it easy to maneuver through the traffic. Bajaj offers a 55/60W bulb in the headlight for better illumination on darker roads, as well as offers a 9Ah maintenance-free battery in the 220 series. One of the key features is the combination of seat height and ground clearance (the gap between the ground and the lowest point of the bike except for tyres). The Avenger series offers 169 mm of ground clearance which makes it look quite thin from the sides, and also makes it fit for rocky off-roads.

Bajaj Avenger Street 220
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Price (₹) : 1.02 Lacs Engine : 220cc Mileage : 37 kmpl Maximum Power : 19.03 PS @ 8500 rpm Top Speed : 120 km/h Transmission : 5 Speed Weight : 163 kg

10. Bajaj Pulsar RS200: The engine is same as in NS200 but tuned to produce a power of 24.5PS as compared to 23.5 PS. Not as frantic as KTM RC200, but it offers enough grunt for quick overtaking and a stress-free ride. The perimeter frame offers safety during blind or sharp turns. The clip-ons offer an upright posture with a little lean towards the handlebar giving a comfortable posture to your back during long rides. The illumination is great in compliance with the standard set by Bajaj in 200F.

Price (₹) : 1.20 to 1.37 Lacs Engine : 200cc Mileage : 35 kmpl Maximum Power : 24.5 ps @ 9750 rpm Top Speed : 140 Km/h Transmission : 6 Speed Weight : 165 kg

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