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10 Soulful Hindi Travel songs for your next Road trip by some offbeat artists :-

Don't we all become dreamers and wonder if we are in a movie whenever we are on a long road trip, when wind caress our skin and our eyes shine bright in the sun with a smile that everything else is already fixed and mended in our lives. Yes, that is why we travel, right? And what else can adorn the experience more than good music plugged in our heads to our romanticism a push. Well we are all fond of Ilahi from YJHD, but then your playlist also deserves some masterpieces, not heard in movies, but composed or sung by some amazing not so mainstream artists, that will open your heart and soul to the beautiful world around you while you travel. Here is a list of some best songs which will be a perfect fit while you travel.

1. Ambar - Raghu Dixit

If you aren't aware of this song, thank us later :) this will become an epiphany of life to you.


2. Dil Mere - The Local Train

Written, Composed and sung by The Local Train. Apna sa gaana hai ye. Sunna.


3. Aisi jeet - Ritviz

Lyricist and singer: Ritviz Shrivastava. The 2.0 version of this song is even better.


4. Indian Summer - Jai Wolf

Lyricist is Sajeeb Saha (two liner yes) but then the music is so catchy, you will put it on loop.


5. Dil Beparwah - Dewar's India

Sung by Prateek Kuhad and Ankur Tiwari. This is one of the most liberating song of this list.


6. Electric Gypsy - Govinda

The multi-instrument artist Govinda, build this masterpiece with a familiar old sufi composition and you are going to love the zen and trippy music here.


7. Yeh Pal by Prateek Kuhad

If you like this, you can close your eyes and add any/all Prateek Kuhad song in your playlist. We have :)


8. Coldplay series- The Indian Jam Project by Tushar Lall

If you are a coldplay-head like we are, this will be your refuge. Fix you and Believer are our personal favs.


9. Khudi - The Local Train

Perfect tunes to complement the wind on your face.


10. Mera Safar- Anand Bhaskar

Almost making it to the list is this amazing composition that featured in a web series called Offical Chukiyagir, always wondered when they will release it as a song. They did.



Bon Voyage!


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