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8 apps you need to create an engaging Instagram feed

You take good pictures, but you see that a change of perspective, color tones, adding an element or overlay, or merely changing the sharpness would add that wow factor to your pictures. So, why not go for it? After all, Instagram is all about creating engaging posts that make the viewer stay on your post for more than the average time. So, here are some handy and free apps for android users to play with your pictures in various ways. (There is an infographic attached in the end, with highlighted usefulness of each app mentioned in the article. If you do not want to go through the whole article. Download it and use it.)

  1. Snapseed: This is one of my favorite apps that is the one-stop fix for almost everything from simple retouching to the complex double exposures. Here are some special features of this app: - Ambiance (To enhance the colors and elemental contrast) - Perspective (Try using it for pictures where the subject is captured from far too low or too high an angle) - Expand (To add an extra frame of your choice, black/white/smart, to balance the aspect ratio) -Healing (To remove the spots or even replace an element with the background) Double Exposure (This is one of the best features that only this app offers as a free tool if you do not want to go into the complexities of photoshop) Here is a picture edited in Snapseed Tip- Try using the undo option to view the edits where you can select the area to apply the edits on, this is like the select option in photoshop but a lot easier

  2. Lightroom: One of the best features of Adobe Lightroom is the Presets. It's a predefined set of settings that can be applied to your picture. It comes handy while designing a particular theme for your Instagram. -Retouching and Curves - Select colors/Monochrome/enhance or tone select colors in a picture. Here is a picture edited only in lightroom

  3. Pics Art: This app has all the above features with some additional fancy elements. One of the best features is the stickers. They can be used as an overlay, for example, a golden hour overlay or birds or clouds to just add that extra element. I have been using PicsArt to make pictures interesting. Here is a picture that will give you an idea. Another very simple picture given a different perspective by PicsArt

  4. Koloro: If you are planning to follow a color theme or designing a grid with the same color pallet for your Instagram, this app has some free presets to try. All you have to do is download the .dng preset which is directly saved in your lightroom, and you can create a preset or just copy the settings to your own picture. This app also has some amazing free overlays like the Golden hour, Vintage, Smoke, and Sunblinds. Here is a picture edited with one of the presets and added sunblind overlay

  5. Canva: Here is my secret to designing grids or puzzles on my Instagram. This is such a great app that provides thousands of free templates, illustrations, images, and what not to add to any blank page of your desired aspect ration. For example, if you are designing a puzzle grid of 12 pictures (3*4) for your Instagram, you can take a blank page of ratio 3240*4320 px (one Instagram post=1080*1080 px). In Canva, you have templates for everything, be it a resume, an infographic, a poster, an advertisement for Facebook, a youtube cover, and anything you can think of. Here is a grid you can take a look on for your reference

  6. Plann : This is a wonderful app that will help you arrange all your pre-planned pictures for Instagram and help you anticipate how your feed will look like. There are many apps that do the same, but this one has an added benefit. You can create sets of hashtags that you would like to put up along with your post. You can make multiple sets of hashtags and save them, and then you can just copy them when you post. The grid on our Instagram page was planned with the help of this app.

  7. 9square : This is one of the best free apps without any hustle that lets you divide your picture into any number of squares you would like. I like to design a grid of 4*3 that fits the complete page of a standard phone screen. You can set the number and in one click the picture is divided without compromising with the quality. And here is the infographic we promised in the beginning, for you to download and keep in handy with the details of every app we have mentioned above, along with highlighted usefulness.

This is an infographic with details on best android applications to edit, plan and schedule your Instagram posts to create an engaging and creative feed.
8 free and best apps to edit your pictures for Instagram

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