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Bhardwaj Lake trek in Delhi

Given the present Times, it's not possible to travel interstate for a trek. But there are a few spots in Delhi itself and around, that serve as some wonderful trails for a short hike. The Bhardwaj Lake Trek is one of those trails, secluded, picturesque and perfect for beginners and kids. This is a Jungle Trek in the Aravali region of Delhi NCR.

Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)
Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)

  • Level of difficulty- Easy

  • Time taken to complete the Trek- 2 hours.

  • Best time to Trek- Although it is open year-round, given the weather in the area you should prefer trekking in winter.

About the trail:-

This trail is tucked in the remnant of Aravali hills that fall under Delhi NCR and is under the protection of Asola wildlife sanctuary. This region of the Aravali Hills is a semi-arid region. The total distance of the Bhardwaj Lake Trek is about 8 kilometers to and fro.

Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)
Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)

Trek itinerary:-

To start the track you have to reach the college of traffic management located on Gurgaon Faridabad road. There is no parking available, so you can reach the nearest metro station or a place where you can park your vehicle and then take a cab or an auto to the college of traffic management.

This trail is also known by several other names like Pali road for the death Valley trek. Do not panic by reading the name death Valley, this place holds a reputation due to some accidents in history. But I have personally trekked this trail twice and I have found no evidence of sorts. Not that I went looking for them. But to be safe do not trek alone. There are wild animals, snakes, monkeys, and some poisonous plants around. Also, there are some tribal residents in the area but it's better to be on your own and not reveal that you are new to the place.

Starting right from the point opposite to the college of traffic management you will see a clearing between the Woods. Stay true to the trail for about 1 kilometer. You will find a secluded house. Follow straight and do not take any side trails. The moment you reach the second secluded house on your left, the trial will now split into two. The lake behind this secluded house is the death Valley lake. Please refrain from going skinny dipping into this lake, because there have been reports of people drowning even though they were swimmers. The lake has a reputation for sucking the swimmers in. As you will notice the lakes in this area are basically the remains of a mining site, and this is possible that the base of the lake might be studded with pointed rocks.

Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)
Death Valley, Delhi

So coming back to the fork in the road, follow the one that goes straight ahead and ignore the one that heads to the right. Staying true to the trail avoid taking any side trails or short cuts.

After walking about a kilometer and a half from the death Valley lake, you will start observing the greenery on your right. If you follow the trail further ahead you might even get a look at the huge Bhardwaj lake. Once the lake is visible walk a little more and you will find several clearings leading to the lake on your right. You can take any of these clearings to reach the shores.

About the lake:-

The lake is huge surrounded by multi-colored rocks. This is basically an abandoned mining site. The abundance of various minerals in the rocks impart these beautiful colors to them. Also, the water in the lake is surprisingly clear, which might tempt you to take a dip, but I strictly suggest you refrain from doing so. Reportedly the water is rich in phosphorus and potassium, which might harm your skin. Plus a tragic history of the area, all the ever proven, is also a reason that you should stay on the shores.

Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)
Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi (Death Valley)

But it's a wonderful place to enjoy the view, the cold breeze and to have a picnic with your family. Also, there are no vendors for food or water so I suggest you carry at least 2 liters of water each and snacks.

Things to remember:-

1. Do not visit this site alone, try going in a group.

2. Carry at least 2 liters of water

3. Wear proper shoes. (Like what we are wearing? Find them here- women and men)

4. Carry a camera or a good phone with you to click some amazing pictures of the colorful rocks, abandoned houses, monkeys, old trees, and unique flora and fauna of the Aravali biodiversity region.

at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi
And old tree at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi

at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi
Sighting a peacock at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi

at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi
Sighting a monkey at Bhardwaj Lake trek, Delhi

5. Once you are past a kilometer on the trail, you will probably lose networks on your phone.

6. Avoid taking any shortcuts for side trails.

7. Carry your phone with safety. I dropped mine once on a rock with its screen down. Here is the solution I came up with whenever I trek now.

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Happy trekking!