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Eat at one of the oldest Restaurants of India in Delhi

It only gets better with time. This statement is as true for food as is for any relationship. And the "National Restaurant" in Cannaught Place, Delhi stands true to both. This restaurant has been running since 1946, when India was facing a tremendous change in politics, geography and culture. Originally located in Lahore (now a part of Pakistan), it had to be shifted to Delhi after the partition, in 1948. The legacy of old time classic recipes was kept safe and monumentally preserved by the owner Mr. Sitaram Bahl throughout these years.

The dishes are cooked richly in Desi Ghee. We met people who claimed to be coming to the restaurant for the last 40 years. And once we tasted the food, we understood the reason too. Although this place is not very popular due to highly marketed Kake da Hotel in its vicinity, but trust us, we have been to both the places and we find it very tragic that the New National Restaurant is overshadowed.

And not just us, people who visit here, keep coming back like cold hands to fire.

What we love about this place:

*This place will give you a dhaba like feel because of the display of stock pots on the entrance and the seating.

*The dishes taste so rich and scrumptious made in desi ghee where the meat (or paneer) is so soft that it melts in your mouth.

*They give this flavorsome chutney with onions which you will definitely ask to refill multiple times.

*The waiters here are really courteous. One of the oldest one (kaka) will be delighted to answer your questions about the restaurant and will be very happy to serve you with the refills of chutney or tari (curry).

*Given the rich taste and quality, the dishes are not overpriced. The prices fall in the medium range.

Some of the dishes that we tried and are very popular with this place are:

Non Veg:

1. Meat Masala (Meat cooked in curry with an egg)- 260/- INR per plate

2. Brain Curry - 250/- INR per plate

3. Chicken masala - 210/- per plate and 350/- for half kg

4. Keema naan (85/-) Chapati (10/-)


Paneer Pasanda - 200/- per plate

Dal Makhani - 160/- per plate

(One plate has good quantity to suffice for two people)

Here is the link to help you with the location on Google Maps :-

Bon appetit!