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Five places to read free books online

We always run out of books on our shelves, and we wait for the prices on our kindle wishlist to drop. All of us, at some point, have wished to read those books without spending a penny. So, here is our wish granted, with these free online websites and apps to read fiction, non-fiction, and reference books.

List of apps and websites to read free books, download free ebooks and listen to free audiobooks

1. Amazon Kindle : I know that kindle has a plethora of options for paid books, but there is also a huge number of books for free. I have read many classics on kindle without paying a single penny. These books are some popular titles to cherish in your kindle collection. Find the free collection categorically here (link only for website) Find the list of all free books on kindle here (link for both app and website)

2. Goodreads : I have been using Goodreads to keep myself updated on the new publications, reviews, and listing my read and want to read titles for years. But, about a year ago, when I opened a title on Goodreads to review the book, I saw the read here button below the book's thumbnail, and voila! I realized that there are a number of free books available to read on Goodreads itself or download them as Ebooks. The downloaded ebooks can be read on your device with the help of various apps available. (Click here to know some best apps to read ebooks on your phone). Here is the list of all free ebooks on Goodreads Also, to know if the book is available or not, directly search for the title and see if there is a "read book" or "download ebook" buttons as shown in the image below:

3. Project Gutenberg:

I came to know about this a few months ago, as one of the biggest collections of free books online. You will find some archaic titles too. They constantly work to create ebooks of named titles and try to make as many books as possible available for a free read. It was founded by Michael Hart, the inventor of the concept of Ebooks in 1971. You can access the collection here 4. Google Play Books :

This app is a default in all the phones or you can download it for both ios and android versions. Now there is a different category made for free books. It's very easy to find out whether a book is available for free or not by just searching for the title. This is so handy with a smooth single swipe of pages, bookmarking, and taking notes is on your fingertips, and you can customize the size of the font according to your choice. Some notable listings from free ebooks on google play books are titles by Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G Wells, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, and some great titles in the genre of romance, horror, and self-help.

5. Oodles Ebook Reader : This a very good app that has about 50,000 free ebooks to read in an inbuilt reader that gives you a real book reading simulation by the design of paperback animation, lets you customize the view, fonts, margins, etc and the most likable part about this is, that the books are nicely categorized. Most of the books are classics, but you have a number of options, in my personal experience, it is one app with good reader interphase with the maximum number of books. This also has a good collection of audiobooks available for free.

Hey, and I am also listing some more websites and apps for readings free books, because there are never enough books for us, right? Aldiko (app for both ios and android) Kobo (app for both ios and android, this is like a community where you can share your own writings, read fresh authors and review each others' work) Wattpad: It has also become a very popular community amongst the readers and writers trying to find a platform to get reviews on their work or to promote each other. Public Book Shelf: A good collection of fresh releases and also a place to read romance novels mostly. DailyLit: This lets you read a book in short installments, to develop a habit of reading every day. Just sign up and make your installments for each day. Wonderful for beginners.