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Trekking/Hiking-health tips and tricks for a beginner

Hiking or trekking is a very common adventure sport or a hobby for people who visit mountains frequently. But, it's not as easy as it looks in pictures, especially if you are not a regular trekker. So, if you are attempting it for the first time or just looking for more ideas to improve or ease the process, this article enlists some little ut effective things to take care of when planning a trek.

1. Divide your meal into small portions and consume high-calorie food within the first 6 hours of the day

You will definitely be walking for most of the time during the trek, and your body will derive energy from the little snacks that you carry with you, unlike every day when your body is adapted to eating a sit-down meal for the energy source. So try distributing your meal into small portions and eat them at every 2-hour interval. This will help boost your metabolism and your body would not rely on one single heavy meal. 2. Consume food that helps increase the metabolism

Increased metabolism will definitely help you in keeping up with the conditions you are going to face during the trek. Trekking or hiking are some extensive forms of exercise where your cardiovascular activity boosts resulting in increased body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. Shifting your metabolism a few notches high will prevent your body to undergo a shock-fluctuation. Here are some food items to consume to increase your metabolic rate: Green tea, Apple cider vinegar, Almonds, Water, Legumes.

3. Follow a cardio routine

Start following a cardio routine for a week before you leave. It can be a lot of things, like dancing, running, footwork, but just remember to stretch those calf muscles and hamstrings. Also, remember to be consistent about it, like if you decide to follow a 30 minute routine on the first day, do not skip it.

4. Work on your breathing

You can pump those lungs to increase the capacity by some breathing exercises or yoga. Keep in mind that the atmosphere you are going to trek in, will not have enough oxygen. Also, try quitting or minimizing smoking for an enjoyable trek experience. 5. Take care of your feet

This might sound silly right now, but those toes can make or break the trekking game for you. Walking on an elevated ground directly puts an impact on your toes and heels. So before you put those trekking shoes on, make sure your feet and socks are clean and disinfected. Also, trim your nails to avoid any painful injury.

6. Walk in your shoes

You should try wearing your trekking shoes before the trek for a few walks, especially if they are brand new. Also, try climbing stairs or walk on slopes to know the right fit. Good trekking shoes come with different loops to adjust your shoes-laces for when you are ascending and descending on a trek. Tighten the laces right up to the last loop when you are descending and shift the lace a few loops down when you are climbing up according to your comfort. 7. Choose the right clothes

Choose to dress in layers so that you can put or remove them according to the changing weather. Always carry a raincoat and a cap if there are changing episodes of sun and rain. If you are trekking amidst a forest, try wearing camouflaged clothes or avoid bright colors. And if you are trekking in a humid climate or in th'e monsoon season, wear fabric that are quick dry, like polyester or nylon over cotton.

8. Leave behind your travel plan

Always let someone know about your travel plans if you are traveling solo. The day you will leave and the day you are expected to come back, or the trail you are taking are some details that will help them out in case you are lost or injured.

9. Pack essentails

You will find a list of essentials to carry during a trek like first aid kit, sun protection, whistle, knife, matchbox, powerank, snack etc.

10. Use the bathroom

Use a bathroom wherever you get a chance. Also carry toilet papers, sanitizers and wet wipes. If you are a women, carry a few tampons even if you are not due, because altitude can disturb your cycle, and being prepared will ease things for you.

11. Pro-tip

If you are a content creator, or just like to keep in touch with your creative side while you are travelling, pack along some gadgets with you. Keeping extra batteries for the camera, a portable charger for your phone, a pen tab if you like to scribble down some quick notes about the places you are visiting to take them back for a blog. These little things really help keep you sane if you are a multitasker like me. You would never know when it is a perfect sight to sketch, or write a poem, or just write those thoughts down when you are in the lap of an adventure, away from the banal life. It helps, trust me. Bringing back memories in no matter what form always is beautiful.