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Delhi illuminates these monuments for Night Tourism

Haven't we always imagined how the monuments that brighten up in the daylight must look if illuminated in the night? Well, wait no more, the Archeological Survey of India has finally opened a few monuments in Delhi from 8 am to 9 pm. Here is a list of all the monuments that are open for Night tourism and everything you need to know about it.

List of Monuments open for Night tourism:-

1. Qutub Minar:- Looking at the lit minaret is magical if you ask me. And not only this, the alleyways around, the cascade of pillars, the iron pillar, and even the boulders that lay around look grand when illuminated.

2. Safdarjung tomb:- It definitely is a treat to the eyes seeing the lit structure reflecting in the water, but post 6 pm, you are not allowed to go beyond the fountains. Here is a daylight shot and a wonderful illuminated shot by Varun Sinha.

3. Red Fort:- Unlike earlier times, the red fort is now more lit if you visit in the night. But if you are visiting after at 6 pm, you are restricted to move around freely, as you will only be buying the ticket for the light and sound show and not for the tour. Check out a beautiful shot of Diwan-e-Aam by Anmol Baijal and a rare lit picture of Red Fort by very skilled photographer Soumesh Pandey aka Camera wale bhaiya.

4. Humayun's tomb:- This is one of my favorite monuments of all times in Delhi. The facades, arches, gates, and intricacies are so mesmerizing in daylight, but in the night, they illuminate like pieces of gold. Here are two pictures, one from our page and the other by Sarvesh Panchal.

5. Purana Quila:- This is again open post 6 pm, but only for those who are visiting for the light and the sound show. Thus you are restricted from moving around all over the place.Check out these amazing shots by Shikha Sharma and Shobhit.

Booking tickets:-

Given the beginning of night tourism and COVID conditions, most ticket counters close by 6 pm. So make sure to book your tickets online if you are visiting late. Better book tickets online even if you are visiting in the day to avoid coming in contact with people in the queue or to avail the discount on the ticket available online :). You don't practically need to download any app or log in to any website, all you need to do is either search for online ticket booking for the specific monument you are visiting, or easier than that is to scan the QR code available at each monument's entry gate to pay for the tickets.

Here is the link to book tickets for any monument in all over India

Rules during the pandemic:-

Wearing a mask is mandatory. You can take it away while clicking pictures, but hey, aren't masks the new in?

Follow the social Distancing general guidelines.

Sanitize before entering and after the exit.

Facilities at the night:-

As much as I am so impressed by the idea of promoting night tourism in Delhi, some things are yet to be worked upon. To my disappointment, some restrooms are not open at night. So aren't the food stalls. Like for example, people visiting Nizamuddin on Thursdays for qawwali, have the privilege of a variety of street food. The same is the case with Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, as there are always chai and pakoras available throughout the night (Talk to me if you want to know more about these).

Also, some of the corners in these monuments are still dark. Given, the safety purpose for solo female visitors or kids in the night, there should be more security guards, and assurance of every corner being lit. I visited Purana quila recently for some pictures, and walking through the lanes during the night didn't feel as safe as it feels in the daylight, given the very limited number of visitors in the night.

What to look forward to?

ASI is working to illuminate Tughlaqabad fort too which will be ready by the end of this year. Also, Akshardham is open from 13th October for visitors with the reopening of its sound and light show which attracts a lot of people.

Also, Delhi will get another wonderful place to visit in the year 2021. Bharat Darshan park, spread over in 8.5 acres in the Punjabi Bagh area will exhibit Replicas of about 17 major monuments of India like Mysore Palace, Meenakshi Temple, Ajanta Ellora caves, Victoria Memorial, Hawa Mahal and so much more. And the most important thing about this park is, all the structures will be made out of Municipal waste and scraps like rods, iron sheets, fans, nut bolts, etc. It will also have aesthetic components like fountains, landscape waterfalls, amphitheater, ponds, and a long lit walkway.

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