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Youth and Liberty

I was walking down the Boulevard road beside Dal lake. A few boys passed me on their motorcycles singing and screaming their throats off. The very first time I saw the youth here in Kashmir having fun. It reminded me of, well every other part of the country. My colleagues (who belong from here) kind of reacted questionably. I understood why it wasn't normal here, for youth to live with spirits that high or carelessness up to the brim like people outside do. Like a few days back when a few of my friends visited me, they felt kind of scared to walk out at night looking at all the frequent CRPF check posts. They were even interrogated when they were seen carrying sling bags or whatever aroused curiosity. You would by default hold back when you know there are eyes, constantly observing you. Now, this is not a talk of right or wrong. I do not qualify to comment on it. But all I can wish for is, every heart needs to live to the fullest. If I had seen people doing this anywhere else, I would have called them some ruckus creators. But here, I felt like holding their hands and asking them to live their lives as and however they want. As a child who had been watched over even for a single sigh out of indiscipline, I know what it means to sing, scream and express with an open heart without worrying about the watchers. I can only wish for Kashmir as Tagore wished for our nation, "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high..."⠀

(My opinions might represent a niche or biased if you have never visited, met, befriended, or loved Kashmir or its people. But those who have, my words represent the bigger picture. In fact, the only one that matters.)